LipSense Reviews – No More Dehydrated & Damaged Lips

LipSense Reviews

What is LipSense?

You may have heard of LipSense, a range of lipsticks and lip cosmetics by Senegence, one of the most reliable cosmetics lines. Recently, there has been a huge hype about Lipsense products and all the beauty bloggers are extensively posting reviews about their products. Given that these pieces are more expensive the average price range, you may want to know if they are worth buying.

The honest LipSense Reviews featured in this article will cover all the pros and cons of the product as well as the range of colors in the line. Check out their entire range on Amazon here.

Lipsense uses Shea Butter as their core ingredient. This not only gives you instant nourished looking lips, but also moisturizes the dry and damaged lips. There are very few lip products containing all natural ingredients. Most of the lip gels and glosses give a great finish, but gradually damage the lips, in the long run, turning them dark and dry. Some lip glosses also react with the lips, causing irritation and stinging sensation. So if you have sensitive lips, Lipsense is your one step solution.

LipSense uses mostly organic constituents and does not leave any harmful side effects.

Lipsense products are also very versatile given that they are suited for daytime as well as the evenings. There are softer shades of rose, coral, and nude for daytime and there are peach, mauve, and ruby for romantic evenings. These lip colors do not wear away easily and do not contain lead or wax.

Although they are best suited to LipSense products, they are also equally compatible with cosmetics from other brands. If you want to go for a more toned down look, you can also use matte gloss with a great smooth finish that doesn’t shine or check out reviews for other products and you’ll be a happy customer. Check out prices on Amazon here.

How to apply LipSense?

All of the Senegence LipSense products are liquid and come in neat see through bottles with a long reaching wand. The long wand ensures that you can use your gloss till the last bit and also makes the application easier and hassle free. You can start by lining your lips with a lip liner that matches the color of your lip gloss.

Doing this will define your lip shape and also keep the lip gloss from spilling out. If you are using a nude color, you can outline your lips and then straight away apply the lip color. The color is thick enough, so you will not require a base coating of nude lipstick. For a more natural look, you can apply a soft shade of coral underneath and apply transparent gloss over the top. This will make your lips look fresh and natural. You can also use them with lip sense lip lightening cream for greater benefits. Buy some from Amazon here.

If you are wearing a shaded gloss, it is best to use both the lipstick and gloss from LipSense. This will ensure that you get the right shade of color and also give you a long lasting, glossy finish. If you want to take the fun to the next level, you can finish it off with glitter glosses. The glitter glosses from LipSense are very lightweight and do not drag down with time. You will not even feel like you are wearing glitter on your lips.

The glitters are available in pink, gold, silver, blue and more shades. More of this will be covered in my Lipsense review in the following section.

LipSense Reviews

My LipSense Revieww

So far, I am very satisfied with my Lipsense glosses. All of them arrived in good condition and the colors were exactly as shown on the cover. After my first try, I even bought a set consisting of some select shades. Senegence has ensured that buying in sets is also slightly cheaper than buying single sticks.

The best thing about Lipsense is that the colors can be mixed and applied. They blend very smoothly, allowing you to create your own shades. They also moisturize your lips and protect it from sun damage. LipSense uses all natural ingredients and hence are best suited for chapped and sensitive lips. Lipsense glosses are also smudge proof and do not rub off easily. Unlike other lip glosses, they do not cake up when left for a longer time. Coating the lip shades with transparent gloss makes the shade last longer and also gives a glossy, juicy finish.

I have also tried their glitter glosses and to sum it all, these were simply amazing. Since I have also tried glitter glosses from other brands, I know the problems with glitters. Most of the times, they accumulate towards the bottom and do not stick properly. If you are not careful enough, you can very well end up with glitter all over your face. However, the LipSense glitter glosses were just perfect. They are very lightweight and give a barely there feeling. You will not feel cakey and uncomfortable. My last one was in pink and I have mostly used it on my day out with the girls.

Now there are newer shades like electric blue and lime.

LipSense Colours

Lipsense products are simply amazing. If I had my way, I would recommend every girl to include it in their collection. They make your lips look very plump, glossy and begging for a kiss. The best thing, however, is the range of colors available. In the nude section, you have apple cider, beige, Bella, bombshell, bronze, coral, caramel, and cappuccino and then there are brighter pops like coral ice, cranberry, coral reef, bright pink.

There are ruby, berry, burnt orange, crimson, currant and more for elegant out-dos. When it comes to glosses, you can have either the tinted ones or the transparent ones. There are also glosses with a shimmery effect. Gold and silver are very popular, and if you want something funkier, you can also go for bright pink or blue. To top it all, the Senegence range has almost all the colors that you need.

How long does LipSense really last?

As you may have heard from other reviews, for maximum longevity, wear LipSense gloss over the LipSense lip colors to make it long lasting. This will give a smoother finish and also prevent the lip shade from losing tint. These are not runny and hence will not smear around the edges. They also do not cake up and shrink. In general, LipSense products are waterproof and long lasting even if you kiss a lot.

Although most of the honest reviews are in the positive, it is a liquid cosmetic, and definitely not super smudge proof even though it’s waterproof. After a point of time, they do wear away, so make sure that you are re-applying it after every four to five hours.

Final Thoughts

Lipsense is one of the few lip cosmetics that are targeted for an instant makeup as well as nourishment. The shea butter formula is great for all skin types, especially for the dry chapped lips.

Considering the color range and longevity, Lipsense can be rated better than the average glosses. As always, Amazon has some great deals that other distributors can’t offer so check it out.

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